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Survival tips for fall: Avoid the panic

10/04/2017 9:33 PM | Rebecca Kindall Nelson (Administrator)

As healthcare marketers head into the busiest season of the year, we all know too well the panic that can set in while you work to get projects done on time. 

No fear… Bolger, a longstanding MHSCN sponsor, has a few tips to help you get through with your sanity intact.

Getting started

When beginning any project, make sure to engage your vendor partners early to help with strategy. Often your partners will have ideas to make the process as stress-free as possible. Ask when deliverables from you are needed to achieve your desired due date. 

When managing multiple projects be sure to communicate project priorities, what goes first and what can go last. Be clear about the due date for each project.

Let’s talk files

Something as simple as naming files the same way you refer to them avoids confusion and will save time. If your piece mails, name your mailing list using the same naming convention as the collateral pieces it belongs with. Also, use an item number on every piece of collateral in a campaign to limit errors. 

Don’t get stuck with the back and forth artwork debacle, provide the correct file type for your project. It is recommended to use JPEG, PNG or GIF for online campaigns, high resolution PDFs or packaged native files for print campaigns, and MP4 or MOV for video campaigns—always confirm the best file type for your project with your partner.

Take the frustration out of mailing

When designing a mail piece consult with your partner in advance to insure the mail panel is formatted properly and the piece meets postal standards. Determine upfront whether you will mail first class or marketing/standard mail, ask about the advantages of each, and ask about any special promotional options offered by the USPS. 

Add your name and address to the final mail list so you receive the finished piece in your mailbox.

Lastly, those pesky proofs and final details

Be sure to review the proofs you receive for all your projects carefully. This is your last chance to make corrections before the project is complete. 

Communicate any edits clearly and confirm if additional proofs are needed for final approval. And provide all required purchase order numbers, cost center or billing codes needed to insure the final invoice goes through your accounts payable department just as smoothly as your successful campaign. Then relax, put your feet up, and enjoy a well-deserved break!

Helpful tips from a MHSCN sponsor

These helpful tips are from Bolger. The St. Paul-based resource creates innovative product solutions that unify the power of print and digital communication and is a sustaining sponsor of MHSCN.

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