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12/18/2017 8:58 AM | Deleted user

I can’t help myself – those tried and true year-end messages are resonating with me. As the remaining days of 2017 fly by, I’m looking back on my year as president of MHSCN and forward to lots of change in 2018, both at MHSCN and in my own career. 

I wish I had the ability to see what comes next, but that doesn’t seem to be how it works! Sometimes a leap of faith is required. 

I'm proud of what MHSCN accomplished this year. We did try some new things, as promised back in January. Some of them worked well (a great new website/membership platform, two stellar conferences, streamlined internal processes), others not so much. But we’re willing to learn from our missteps, and we’re listening to you – current, past, and future members – to help us determine the direction we should take as an organization.

As Katie Johnson prepares to take the helm as president in 2018, we already have some exciting things to look forward to: 

You’ll hear more about both events starting in January, and we encourage you to save the dates and start making plans to join us.

We will also be welcoming a number of new board members, and I’m excited about what this group of engaged and committed leaders can do together. With a strategic plan informed by your thoughtful input, I’m confident that MHSCN will continue to evolve as an organization and earn the support of even more communications, marketing, and public relations professionals working in health care.

Personally, I’m so grateful for MHSCN and all that it has given me. As I search for my next career opportunity, I believe I’m a better leader because of my experience on the board. I know that my network is much stronger than before I got involved. It is heartening to have the support of so many who are willing to listen, provide thoughtful counsel, and make introductions to friends and colleagues. 

It always amazes me how small the Minnesota health care communications world really is – which makes it even more important to nurture those relationships with the help of an organization like MHSCN.

In closing, I want to take this opportunity to thank the board for their hard work this year. I especially want to thank those who are ending their service: Jenna Anderson, Angela Churchill, Sue Lundquist, Rosann Maher, Sara Peterson, and Diane Rose.

Best wishes to all of you this holiday season. I hope you can take some time away from work to relax and enjoy the season with your families.

Mary Beth Schwartz
MHSCN President, 2017

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