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Working hard to do something about it.....

02/25/2018 5:58 PM | Deleted user

Paul tells a storyI’m reminded of a conversation my wife and I had when we were first married. In fact, she reminds me of it several times each year – for the last 30 years.

She had been unusually quiet for an hour or so, and I began to wonder if I had touched a nerve. I soon found out when she inquired, “How come you never ask me what’s wrong?" 

I paused for a beat (should have been longer….much longer) and somewhat flippantly replied, “Because I know you’ll always tell me.” 

And, in an immediate and instinctual act of self-preservation, I added, “And I promise I will always listen and try to do something about it.”

Well, we recently asked you for some feedback, and promised to listen and do something about it. The results of the member survey have really focused our discussion and planning within the MHSCN Board.

MHSCN President Katie Johnson summarized the results of the survey in January, highlighting your interest in advancing your career and professional development through education, networking and recognition of your work. 

Opportunities for you

Over the next several months, we have a number of opportunities to engage with MHSCN and your colleagues in healthcare marketing and communications. 

Engage! Influence! Inspire!

Our 2018 Spring Conference is aptly titled Engage! Influence! Inspire! 

The conference also highlights our 2018 Awards of Excellence. And now is the perfect time to nominate your projects for the award. It’s an easy process and offers recipients great recognition in our professional community and within your own organization. 

In addition to the beautiful award, we’ll provide the winning entries with a press release and LinkedIn recognition to help spread the word even further.

Mix & Mingle

You also requested more opportunities that combine networking and industry expertise. Mix & Mingle in March is your next opportunity to do just that. The educational networking event is hosted by Creatis, Inc.

We're listening

I often think how fortunate I am that my career path has been focused in healthcare marketing and communications. Our professional community is filled with talented and caring individuals who’ve chosen healthcare for the right reasons.

We’re glad you told us what’s on your mind, and guarantee you that we are listening and will continue to work hard to make MHSCN a vital part of your professional life and career development. 

I encourage you to take the time to engage with us, and your colleagues, at these upcoming events.

Paul Fiore
MHSCN president-elect, 2018

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